Nether Runner

Get your Evil Book and Tiny God and be ready for war with the forces of the Netherworld! It’s doomsday and it’s all your fault! Save mankind (and your really angry girlfriend) from a Horde of supernatural creatures with the help of an Evil Book, a Tiny God and an arsenal of spells of mass destruction. Nether Runner is a game inspired from the fictional world of H.P. Lovecraft that mixes Runner and Shooter elements. FEATURES: - Run Fly and Jump into Danger - Kill tons of enemies - Dodge lots of bullets and lasers - 5 different Spells to help you in your journey - 4 Weaponomicons: extra weapons of mass destruction - 2 mid-bosses with their own environments - A screen filling Epic Final Boss! - 33 Missions - 10 Achievements - Lots of upgrades with the Unholy Shop - Story Mode and Endless Mode - An amazing and magical OST - Lots of hand drawn animations Control Scheme A Arrows – Fly/Jump Z – Shoot F – toggles Autofire X – Cast Spell Space Bar + Arrows – Combo Control Scheme B WASD – Fly/Jump J – Shoot F – toggles Autofire K – Cast Spell L + WASD – Combo